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What's a superlink?
A superlink is at least one photo from the linked site, and a short intro as to what you will find there.

Click the photo or the link above. Lindsays books has some really interesting subjects. Be aware that you can get a lot of the same titles from different sources, and the prices may vary. Don't forget to include shipping in your buying decision. For example, Steve Chastain's fine books can be bought from lindsay, but he also sells them directly from his web site.
But for sheer diversity, Lindsays is hard to beat. I have bought from them several times and have always been satisfied with the service and quality of their offerings.
One good choice is the navy foundry manual.

Stephen Chastain is becoming a prolific writer. The subjects he chooses are most interesting to anyone into casting and machining. A quick look at his site will make make you marvel at his accomplishments and your mouth water knowing you can follow in his footsteps. His books are well thought out and believe me, he does his homework!

This site stands out for many things, but notably the foundry test of a spoon, cup and saucer cast as one solid piece.

There are lots of things to learn from this site. One exception is their assertion that oil bonded sand can't be reused. Other than that piece of obvious bull, a great site. Maybe they are thinking of resin bonded or some other stuff. I (and many others) reuse K-bond over and over.
Ray Brandes' site has some great things on it. From the K-bond oil bonded sand recipe to making a match plate, with a lot of other foundry and machining sage thrown in. Well worth a look! Don't miss the solar furnace for melting lead or the ingot mold or the molding bench plans get the idea. Go look!

The photo on the right
, from Ray's site,
shows the detail possible with K-bond

Lionel Oliver has a great place on the web. So much going on, I don't know where to begin. 
He shows you how he cast flasks in bolt together pieces, very handy. And his Chop saw project is looking very professional. Looks store bought!

Dave's site gives lots of pictures of many metal casting processes...including, lost foam, investment casting, lost wax, sand casting, K-bond, and more.  There is also a cool casting riddle.  Make sure to sign up for the metal casting e-zine to get a metal casting article occasionally.  (When Dave has time!)

There are many more great links and I will add to this as time allows.