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Other Resources

Inclusion here should not be taken as an overall endorsement. Some random person thought you might find some information here, good, bad, or ugly.

Websites:Association of Backyard Metal Casters
Backyard Metal Casting
Yahoo Casting Discussion Group The place that gave this wiki birth. Dave's web site of projects, ETC. Dave's networking profile, videos, and projects, etc.
Blast Gate This is an article on building a blast gate for a dust collector. Scale it down for a charcoal foundry.

Wood Pattern Making Sold by the sponsor of this FAQ
  • US Navy Foundry Manual ISBN 1559180072
  • Lindsay Books Tons of books about lots of subjects. Most of the activities described in these books (and this FAQ) will hurt you if you aren't careful about safety.
  • Dave Gingery's Books Build a whole machine shop from scrap, starting with a small charcoal foundry.
  • Other Foundry Books at Lindsay
  • BYMC Booklets Short booklets. One gives a plan for using a five gallon metal bucket and a flower pot to start molding.