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Suppliers willing to sell in hobby size amounts lots of good stuff here. Note that their prices include shipping in the USA. more ceramics stuff, but good for insulation etc
In Southern California: Independent Foundry Supply. This place is the cookie jar for hobby foundry guys. They sell to the industry but happily sell to walk-ins for the same prices! Ask for Cameron, the owner's son - he runs the place. They have crucibles from teacup to jacuzzi sizes, many kinds of sand, clays, sodium silicate, parting sands... you name it, they have it and it's top quality and in-stock. I live 90 miles south and it was WELL worth the drive.
Hello all, this is Dave Drescher. I got some Wire for my foam cutter and would be willing to sell short amounts to anyone interested. I haven't tried it yet, but it is susposed to make a great difference. Here is the description: Inconel X750 .012" Nickel/Chromium/Molybdenum alloy which has an exceptional combination of oxidation resistance, fabricability and high temperature strength. Excellent ability to resist stress corrosion cracking in petrochemical applications. Just e-mail me from here or from my web

Also  Lancaster foundry supply in PA does sell direct to the public and will ship by truck. Good source for Sodium Silicate for cores.

Here is a supplier of metal and plastic and Library of material info & Certification Docs on request: (Thanks, Gregg!)

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